Everything You Wanted to Know About Viacom CBS’s Face Mask Initiative

At the close of 2019, it was difficult to envision that items like hand sanitizer and face masks would form a critical part of our lives in 2020. But the pandemic arrived, and with it, so did needs that we could have never imagined. Here at ViacomCBS, we knew that we had to put our heads together to figure out how to best be of service during these challenging times.

Our answer?

The Face Mask Initiative

We decided to create our own reusable face masks. At the start of the pandemic, demand for these newly essential items was high, and we wanted to give people another option to protect themselves and others. But we also wanted our masks to go beyond helping prevent the spread of the coronavirus. We wanted them to somehow or another support those on the front lines.

When brainstorming about how best to give back to communities across the globe during the COVID-19 crisis, we found the perfect solution. We decided that one hundred percent of the proceeds from the sales of our reusable masks would go to Save the Children International and their COVID-19 Global Response.

About the Face Masks

As reported in Attractions Magazine, the initiative, which was launched back in May, has seen the production of face masks that feature iconic characters from the Spongebob SquarePants series. The masks, which are not intended for use in medical settings, feature other beloved Nickelodeon characters as well.

ViacomCBS is incredibly proud of all that this initiative entails. Besides providing essential protection for ourselves and others during the pandemic, we hope that the face masks make a challenging situation somewhat more bearable. They feature fun designs that, with any luck, will be a source of comfort in these uncertain times.

As mentioned, all of the proceeds from the sales of the face masks will go directly to the Save the Children International’s COVID-19 Global Response. Additionally, funds are being redistributed to the region where the masks are purchased.

About Save the Children International

Save the Children is the world’s leading humanitarian organization for children, dedicated to saving and improving the lives of children around the globe. Save the Children works to ensure that all children grow up healthy, have a good education, and remain safe. Their advocacy is critical in helping children achieve their full potential, regardless of where they were born.

The organization is also playing a vital role in responding to the COVID-19 crisis, which poses “immediate threats to children’s rights to survival, development, learning, protection, and to be heard.” It is dedicated to keeping kids healthy, educated, and protected during the pandemic so that their futures are not jeopardized later.

Save the Children International’s COVID-19 Global Response

Save the Children is actively providing necessary information about how to prevent the spread of the virus, such as proper hygiene, training, and learning resources. The organization also offers access to food and healthcare.

The work that Save the Children is doing is essential for children who have seen their lives completely upended. In many cases, their schooling has been interrupted, their routines have all but vanished, and their health and well-being have been seriously affected. These effects become more severe in areas that have been disproportionately affected by the coronavirus.

We are honored to support the ongoing efforts of this NGO in minimizing the consequences of the pandemic on an especially vulnerable age group.

Joining the Initiative

We’re pleased to report that many of the licensees producing the face masks were interested in joining the initiative, which means that Nickelodeon face masks are not the only ones available to fans.

Other ViacomCBS properties have stepped up to manufacture their own versions, including Star Trek, MTV, and CBS. Several of them have pledged to contribute to Save the Children’s COVID-19 Global Response efforts.

Star Trek lovers can now choose from one of many Star Trek designs, available online at the Star Trek Shop.

Similarly, fans can show their love for beloved CBS programs by donning Criminal Minds, Survivor, Big Brother, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, or Hawaii-Five-0 masks, available at the CBS Store.

And both Wild ‘N Out and MTV lovers can find a face mask to suit their tastes.

Proceeds from the sale of these face masks will go to charities that each brand chooses. In the case of Wild ‘N Out and MTV, both have decided to support Feeding America’s COVID-19 response, aimed at providing food assistance to Americans in this time of increased need.

Where Can I Purchase the Face Masks?

Face masks are available for purchase in person at major retail outlets and online from the SpongeBob Shop. They are also being sold at PAW Patrol, Blue’s Clue’s & You!, and JoJo Siwa.

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