Introducing ViacomCBS’s New SVOD Service

In August, following months of strategizing and planning, we were delighted to finally make an exciting announcement: the launch of ViacomCBS Networks International’s new international streaming service!

We’re proud to offer this new service for audiences of all ages at competitive prices. But what we’re most proud of is the super-sized selection of content it will include. Subscribers will receive access to a wide variety of content, such as “must-see” exclusives, premieres, and box-sets from much-loved entertainment brands.

Curious to know more? Here are all the need-to-know details about our new streaming service.

Why Launch an SVOD Service?

You may be wondering what prompted us to want to break into the streaming market, so we thought we’d discuss that here. Our President and CEO, David Lynn, summed up the reasons behind this decision perfectly.

“Launching a super-sized premium streaming service will be a game-changer for ViacomCBS and can help us become as powerful a player in international streaming as we are in linear TV. We will market a world-class content offering at a very competitive price, and we’re convinced it will have significant appeal for audiences everywhere and strong growth potential in every market.”

Who Is the Target Audience for This SVOD?

With this launch, we want to appeal to the broadest audience possible, which is why we are targeting it to viewers of all ages. Our new streaming service will have a little something for everyone—and we do mean everyone.

It will include an ample selection of blockbuster and classic movies, premium scripted series, kids, comedy and entertainment, and reality and specialist factual content. Our competitors have libraries of thousands of hours of content in every market, and our goal is to match or exceed those streaming services with our own deep content library.

What Will Subscribers Gain Access to?

We’re delighted that our subscribers will be able to watch the exclusive premieres of all new SHOWTIME series, such as Halo and American Rust, and CBS All Access originals, like Guilty Party and The Harper House.

Movie lovers won’t be left out, either, with an abundant selection of films from Paramount Pictures included in the subscription. Subscribers will also receive access to premieres and box sets from beloved brands like Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Network.

From there, the content will vary across markets, to create a bespoke content offering in select major territories. Additionally, our plan is for some markets to have access to originals from ViacomCBS International Studios.

Where Will This New Service Be Available?

Audiences in select markets around the globe will be able to enjoy access to this new service beginning in 2021.

Initially, we’ll focus our launch efforts on fast-growing OTT markets where there’s a strong likelihood for ViacomCBS to become a leader in streaming.

Some of the areas that will have launch priority are the Nordic countries, certain Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico), and Australia. In Australia’s case, its existing 10 All Access Service will get a makeover, with rebranding and some significant expansion.

How Will ViacomCBS Roll Out the Platform?

We already have a significant portion of the legwork under our belt—that is, we’re starting with global original content pipelines and a world-class comprehensive TV and film library.

We also have plenty of existing international infrastructure that will make rolling out this new service a lot smoother and cost-efficient. Offices in over thirty countries will support us through the process, and we’ll work with both new and existing distribution partners to market the service to subscribers. The service will also be retailed D2C.

We’re hoping that this process yields excellent results, and our colleague Pierluigi Gazzolo, President of Streaming for VCNI, has high hopes for a successful platform.

“With more than 200 million new streaming subscriptions due to come online internationally by 2025, we’re very confident we can build a meaningful subscriber base in the next few years,” he said. “ViacomCBS is one of a very small handful of elite content companies with broad enough content pipelines and deep enough content libraries to lead in all segments of the video entertainment market.”

We couldn’t agree more.

The Expansion of Pluto TV

Of course, we have to mention that the new SVOD service is not the only thing in the works for next year. Its creation will take place right alongside the expansion of Pluto TV, our free streaming service.

Pluto TV was first launched in the UK and Germany, and it has since expanded to Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America. Thanks to the fantastic results from the roll-out in Latin America, we’ve decided to expand the service to Brazil and Spain by the end of 2020. France and Italy will gain access to Pluto TV sometime in 2021.

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