Inclusion Week—“Enrich the Mix”

In today’s post, we wanted to share some highlights from Inclusion Week, celebrated in Madrid, Spain, last October. Our goal in hosting the Inclusion Week “Enrich the Mix” event was to take a step forward in our diversity and inclusion strategy. Encouraging and celebrating the diversity of the voices that make up our company is fundamental for us at ViacomCBS.

Let’s take a look at some of the things we saw during these days.

What Diversity Currently Looks Like at Our Company

In the opening remarks by Raffaele Annecchino, Cluster President from Italy, we heard some statistics about what diversity at ViacomCBS presently looks like.

He shared that our company is comprised of individuals representing an impressive 32 different nations! Italy is the most well-represented country, making up thirty-two percent of our global team.

There is plenty of diversity when it comes to age, as well. Millennials make up a core fifty percent of our employee base, but there is a lot of Baby Boomer and Gen X presence within the company.

And one final statistic Annecchino mentioned was that as of right now, 45 percent of high potential employees in management positions are women.

What Do ViacomCBS Employees Think About Diversity in Our Company?

We heard from several Spanish ViacomCBS employees about how they viewed inclusivity and diversity at our company.

Location-based Experience Coordinator Macarena Secades spoke about how the excellent balance in age, genders, and nationalities at Viacom makes it inclusive. At the same time, consultant Carmen Hernanz underscored that everyone’s ideas are heard and taken into account at our company.

HR Specialist Alice Molleda told us that getting to learn from people from different cultures is one reason that ViacomCBS is inclusive. Finally, we heard from HR BP Javier Canto, who spoke about the activities that HR and management organize to celebrate and encourage diversity at the company.

These employees also talked about the values that lie at the core of everything we do at ViacomCBS, mentioning things like respect for yourself and others, teamwork, and enrichment. And we couldn’t agree more!

Diversity Initiatives at ViacomCBS

Cluster President Raffaele Annecchino talked about how we are encouraging diversity, which is a top priority for ViacomCBS. Helping more women reach senior positions is one of the objectives, and we heard about the work being done to achieve that goal.

Specifically, we learned about two programs for high-potential women, or those in manager and director positions. The two programs are designed to encourage learning and development in program participants.

But beyond giving women the skills they need to succeed, executive management is also working on becoming more influential diversity ambassadors. Those in leadership positions are attending inclusive leadership workshops to make sure they can be responsible for heading the conversation on diversity.

Keynote Speech By Pablo Pineda

We were proud to welcome our Inclusion Week keynote speaker, Pablo Pineda, who provided attendees valuable insight into the life of people with disabilities. He is a teacher, speaker, host, and actor who shared his inspiring life story with us. Pablo gave us a first-hand look at what it’s like to navigate the world with Down’s Syndrome in his speech.

Flipping the Script on Disabilities

Pablo offered us a vital lesson about the power of language when it comes to inclusion, saying, “My name isn’t Down’s Syndrome, my name’s Pablo Pineda … because when I follow ‘I am,’ it seems to define me, as if it were my name, but it’s not true.”

Instead of defining others by their disabilities, he highlighted that what really matters is the person underneath it all and what that person knows. Everything else is secondary. Pablo also emphasized that despite having a disability, these individuals are capable—the problem is often reaching them.

But it’s critical to make that effort to reach them. Pablo underlined the importance of companies giving people with disabilities the opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of and what they know how to do. More often than not, enterprises are impressed with how these individuals’ unique talents can bring a different perspective to the table.

The Next Revolution

Pablo brought up another point that we couldn’t agree with more: the need for companies to innovate. He talked about how they can’t remain static, can’t stand still; instead, companies need to be enterprising and learn how to take risks. Sometimes, taking risks means taking the plunge without a clear idea of how things will work out.

But Pablo does have a clear idea about one thing: there have been many revolutions throughout the years, and he’s confident that the next one will belong to people with disabilities. We certainly hope that’s the case.

Tell Us About Your Experience at Inclusion Week

Did you attend last year’s Inclusion Week? If so, we’d love to hear what you learned in the comments section.

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