J.J Vaquero is in charge of making fun of several Spanish regions: Cataluña, Galicia, Castilla y León, Comunidad Valenciana, Sevilla and Asturias.

Last Sunday some Spanish regions suffered a huge public “roasting” ever made thanks to J.J. Vaquero. #RoastDeEspaña is ViacomCBS International Studios‘ new format for Comedy Central presented by the comedian J.J. Vaquero, who visited and roasted six regions (Cataluña, Galicia, Comunidad Valenciana, Sevilla, Asturias y Castilla y León), dealing with the most typical and controversial issues of each of them, chatting with their famous characters (and not so famous) and ending up with a monologue where the different cliches were addressed directly and openly. El Roast de España is a Comedy Central production in collaboration with Goroka.

Taking as a reference the format aired on Comedy Central USA, the comedian, screenwriter and actor J.J. Vaquero is in charge of carrying out this “roasting” task of making fun of some Spanish regions and their most controversial issues. Cataluña and their independence movement, Galicia with its famous “percebeiros”, and the land of Amancio Ortega, “Emptied Spain” of Castilla y León, Sevilla and the world of the bull, the famous Asturian “cachopo”, and the Comunidad Valenciana with its historic Bakalao Route.

The program has several special collaborators in each region, such as the comedian “Percebes y Grelos”, who as youtuber will give her particular vision of some Galician customs, or the comedian couple Venga Monjas, who will premiere an exclusive sketch where they will address some of the issues most controversial about the Catalans. In addition, each program will feature a new installment of the section in which Vaquero roastes the most extravagant roundabouts of the area: “Roastondas”.

In its premiere, Vaquero first roasted Cataluña, a community in which it is difficult not to discuss about its most recurrent cliche: independence. For this reason, the comedian spoke with some politicians such as Gabriel Rufián (ERC spokesman in the Congress), and had the opinion of independentists born outside of Cataluña. The comedian also visited the “Barcelona Burlesque Experience School”, where a curious reinvention of Catalan folklore takes place: sardana with striptease.

In the second episode, which was also broadcast this Sunday, Vaquero headed to Castilla y León, where he had the opportunity to roast his own land with one of the most current issues in this community: emptied Spain. The comedian visited Aguasal, a town with only two inhabitants, and chatted with the spokesperson for “Plataforma Soria Ya”, an organization that fights against depopulation. In addition, Vaquero received a visit from his father and from the group Celtas Cortos who, in addition to singing, gave his vision about some of the typical cliches of the community. The program also had a particular tourist promotion by the comedians of the land, Quique Matilla and Fran el Chavo.


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