• Opting for vegan meals
  • Not using disposable cutlery
  • Committed to catering companies that fight against food waste
  • Not using plastic bottles or cups

Eating less red meat helps reduce the carbon footprint by 25%

70% of the deforestation of the Amazon is caused by transferring land to ranches and farms


  • Use of LED fluorescent lights and bulbs
  • Switch off lights and electrical appliances when not in use

90% energy savings

A cooler environment encourages talent and creativity to flow


  • Reuse of sets, costumes and accessories
  • Donate objects we are not going to reuse
  • Use Ram instead of Cortex boards
  • Recycle materials

Cost savings

Collaborating with NGOs and associations


  • Solar panels in outdoor shoots
  • Rechargeable batteries

Prioritising renewable energy

Reducing noise pollution


  • Use local teams
  • Car sharing
  • Electric vehicles

Lower transport related costs

Lower emissions

Greater local knowledge