Welcome back to the ViacomCBS Blog

Here’s wishing all of our employees a very warm welcome to ViacomCBS’ brand new blog. In our first post, we wanted to explain why we decided to create this space for our employees and highlight the type of content we plan to feature—so let’s dive right in.

Our overarching objective is for this blog to become a place with meaningful resources, one that brings our international team members together. Consider it your one-stop-shop for all things ViacomCBS—a place for you.

With that in mind, there are three specific goals that we hope to achieve in this space:

  • Develop a sense of belonging. We plan to publicize our various brands, clusters, and the company in general. We care about our employees, and we want you to feel like a genuine part of our great big family.
  • Talk about life at ViacomCBS. It’s not always easy to see what your colleagues are doing or know what life at the company is like in other regions. We want to highlight how our team members live the ViacomCBS experience around the globe.
  • Encourage communication and participation between teams. By sharing the stories of people you may not know or may not see very often, we hope to use this space to facilitate stronger inter-team relationships.

Now that you know what we hope to achieve with this blog, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the content areas that it will feature.


As a creative company, innovation is a fundamental part of the work we do. You may not always see it, but there is continuously someone behind the scenes working to push the envelope, stay relevant, and improve our processes. We believe in continually striving to innovate, which is why we wanted to make innovation one of the main pillars of the blog.

This section will include posts to keep you updated with everything we’re doing to progress. Whether that be corporate events we’re planning, social recognition of advances we’ve made, or something else entirely, we look forward to sharing all the ways that we are innovating in this blog.


Here at ViacomCBS, our objective is to unite our team with a shared set of values, goals, attitudes, and practices. While doing so has always been a priority, we feel it’s more relevant now than ever given the situation with COVID and the fact that much of our work is being done remotely.

This is why the second area that we plan to explore in depth in this blog is culture—company culture, that is. These posts will be all about what life is like in our organization. Because this may look a little different depending on where you’re based, it’s vital to discuss culture to create a sense of belonging regardless of location.

Aside from exploring company culture, we also plan to address things that affect our team members’ lives—such as any new guidelines that go into effect, as well as information about tools, policies, and benefits that are all available to all employees.

Diversity & Inclusion

The team at ViacomCBS is proud to be part of an exceptional group of employees around the globe. The mere fact that we have an international presence creates an environment with lots of diversity. Differences in ways of thinking and language are a large part of what we feel makes ViacomCBS such a fantastic place to work.

But being diverse is about more than merely being international. Our goal is to empower our employees to be their authentic selves by respecting and valuing all the things that make us different—things like age, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, disability, religion, and more. Empowering our employees requires a tremendous ongoing effort on our part.

Like the effort we’re making for our company to be as diverse as possible. Different ideas and backgrounds are a fundamental part of encouraging the creative processes necessary in our work. We want to celebrate the diversity that exists at ViacomCBS and reap the benefits of having the greatest mix of perspectives possible.

For this reason, we plan to focus on the diversity of the team that represents ViacomCBS via testimonials featuring various employees. These employee spotlights will be a place to hear about different experiences working for our company, how others uphold our company values and standards, and learn more about our presence in countries around the world.


In our opinion, companies in the twenty-first century must make ongoing efforts to address sustainability; it’s something that simply cannot be ignored. Providing for the present without compromising the ability of future generations to do the same is of critical importance to us here at ViacomCBS.

We’re sure that it’s critical to most of our employees, as well, which is why we want to make our advances toward building a more sustainable brand known. To that end, this blog will also include content related to sustainability, with the aim of keeping all of the ViacomCBS family apprised of how we are continually striving to improve in this area.

We want to share how we are framing decisions that have an environmental, social, and human impact in the long term. We also hope that these posts spark discussion about the best way to do so.

We’d Love to Hear From You

We’ll conclude our first post by letting you know that our idea is for this space to be interactive—a space for all ViacomCBS employees to collaborate, share, and learn about one another. With that idea in mind, we’d like to remind you that these four areas don’t have to be the only ones we cover. Consider them a starting point for any other content you’d like to see in this blog.

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