Many times, you have probably encountered vital obstacles that prevent you from going on with your life in the best conditions. Sometimes we become paralyzed and we find ourselves lacking tools that allow us to continue: stress, uncertainty, family problems, relationships, changes…There are a lot of reasons and they can be diverse, but one thing is clear: our Mental Health needs attention. 

Our concern for the well-being and emotional balance of our great team is a priority at ViacomCBS VCNI and much more in these difficult times. For this reason, we want you to discover all the tools that are at your disposal as part of the VCNIs team that can help us when we need them the most.

Two new mental health services for ViacomCBS VCNI people

ViacomCBS  opens up two mental health support services for their VCNI employees, free of charge.  Both of them are completely confidential and the Company  will not receive any kind of report on those conversations.

  • GINGER APP. Ginger offers on-demand, confidential emotional support through text-based chats and self-guided activities. You can get support from a coach in seconds and all from the privacy of your Smartphone.

Ginger coaches are here to help you with whatever you’re going through in these stressful times we are living in, no matter where you are or when you need it. Start a text-based chat with  a coach today (it is available 24 hours a day) or schedule a time for later.

  • Employee Support Programme. This service provides counselling sessions, for personal of professional issues: improving relationships, parenting, couples’ support, managing stress, etc.

Happy Hollydays Podcast – Listen up!

Ginger App is a great service that not only offers 100% personalized help. You will also have access to an interesting content repository that will help you have more resources and advice to live your day to day in a better way and take care of your and your families mental health.

Podcast series “Happy Holidays” is a good example of it. These sessions are guided by an emotional wellness coach. We have selected these three, but we invite you to listen to all of them:

  •  Self-compassion this holiday season: 2020 has been a hard year. We have experienced changes and difficult or frustrating moments due to this situation. During this holiday period, let’s take a few moments of reflection, let’s be a little fair and compassionate with ourselves and let’s avoid harshly  judging our emotions.
  •  Relationships, holidays, & COVID: The current context brings with it tensions that appear more than ever. Christmas meetings can make them show up, but if we have the right tips that you will find in this podcast, everything will be easier to handle.
  • Understanding common coping methods: A discussion on food and other substances use (or abuse). It will help you to be alert to signs that may indicate other types of problems.

More content, support and tools for Mental Health

In these months we have shared with you several resources with information and recommendations that may help you:

  • Supporting Mental Health Report: Read about the impact of mental health illnesses, their challenges in our society, tips and recommendations in order to help you to detect warning signs and approach an issue.
  • VCNI IW sesión: with red cross professionals about this topic.
  • Manage stress: a useful online course to help you manage this pressure.
  • Blog articles about Mental Health: we dedicated October to this topic.

We encourage you to take the necessary time to think about what you can improve in your life and that of yours, take advantage of these resources if you feel you need help, or simply, take advantage of these holidays to stop and reflect on how you have felt in these recent months.

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